Prescription changes

Prescription changes can be a pain, but it does get better. I’ve catalogued our prescription woes in great and largely negative detail on this blog, but at last I’m feeling better about it all and getting a good feel for Tamsin’s new food intake.

Setting up alerts

I’ve set myself up a four-weekly alert for Tamsin’s prescription changes – prescriptions of gluten free food come every four weeks rather than strictly once a month, so you have to pay attention to your dates if you want to make any changes. It’s great to get 13 deliveries of food a year instead of 12, but it does make it a little more of an administrative headache.

prescription changes
Keeping track of Tamsin’s units

School lunches

Tamsin is still struggling to come to terms with GF bread, which tends to be dry and not terribly good for sandwiches, and has eschewed bread for school lunches in favour of a rice salad. As she’s reasonably grown up at rising 15 she can manage this, but I wouldn’t want to try it with a seven year old. This means I need to make prescription changes next month, as to date at least half her prescription has been bread and rolls, ordered deliberately with school lunches in mind. Mainly Tamsin has bread for toast and a few rolls which she puts under the grill for cheese on toast. We gambled on Glutafin‘s baguettes (224-0117) last time and she loved those. What I’ve never really noticed before is how Tamsin has a bit of this and a bit of that, and as she’s the only person eating her GF products, we need to keep an eye on things not going out of date. I now halve loaves before freezing them, freeze rolls individually if that makes more sense and have a tendency to bung anything bread-like in the freezer if I have any doubts that it will be finished before going off.

It’s difficult for Tamsin as she doesn’t necessarily want to eat a family-sized amount of something in three days, but then she finds that the thing she does want is in the freezer. I don’t know what the solution is, but I do know that if I left it to her to manage these things, our hens would be eating a hell of a lot of gluten free food.

prescription changes
Tamsin creates gorgeous pizzas

Going crackers for crackers

Crackers, crispbread and savoury biscuits have been a revelation. We ordered Glutafin GF crackers (009-3302), Juvela Crispbread (236-6136) and Juvela Savoury Biscuits (310-7893) and she loves those, so we’ll be ordering more of those. The Juvela White Mix (035-2161) has been very useful (for balance we have Fibre Mix too) so a couple of boxes of that a month will be a fixture, especially as we come into a more baking-y time of year. I think pizza bases are something to stockpile or order if we’re a unit or two under the limit. I do plan them for family meals once or twice a month and they’re something Tamsin will create for herself on a whim.

So my advice with prescriptions is to be prepared to make changes, identify the foods you’d rather not have to buy, the things you find yourself not wanting to run out of, and the foods that naturally suit your coeliac’s habits.

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